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Curiosity Gin has a unique personality and a flavour that makes it stand out from the crowd. Made in small batches, we use whole botanicals steeped in the base spirit for 24 hours before re-distilling, through our copper pot still "Yoyo", to create a true hand distilled aromatic gin.

The Hidden World brand is about the story of the explorer’s journey to distant and hidden worlds in search of unique and flavoursome botanicals. This is reflected in the company's philosophy, “We believe that Gin is a journey with so much variety and it is a journey that we are devoted to taking New Zealand and the rest of the world on."
New Zealand’s goddess of Gin. Juno is a hand-selected, harmonious blend of pure mountain water and the finest botanicals and spices. Crafted in Aotearoa.
Blush Gin, a premium product without the snobbery, we are here to have a little fun. Let the juniper and rhubarb dance on your taste buds. Our vision for Blush is simple – we want to change the perception of Gin away from the mother’s ruin to something that is lively, pleasant and can be enjoyed over ice.
Dancing Sands Distillery in Golden Bay, is home to the award winning range of Sacred Spring Gins. In 2016, husband and wife team Ben and Sarah Bonoma shut the cellar doors for 6 months and developed their international quality recipes and processes. Since then they have crafted their Dry Gin, Barrel Aged Gin, Saffron Gin and the limited release Chocolate Gin.
Pondering early rock n’ roll, we thought a few rudimentary instruments working together sound great - let’s work with the basics, get some robust tones going, then turn up the volume. This stripped back approach is how we created Victor Gin. Juniper, lemon, lemongrass, cardamon & coriander - all delicious flavour tones, uniquely decipherable, that hum together with nowhere to hide.


An intimate and beautiful whisky and cocktail lounge situated in the historic New Regent Street in the heart of Christchurch. Offering is a hand-picked selection of around 250 fine whiskies, gins and a range of cocktails, craft beer and boutique wines.



Whet drinking room brings together an exquisite curation of Gin, Whisky and Craft Beer. Over 175 gins sourced from around the globe, matched individually with Tonic and Garnish. A great selection of Whisky and Craft Beer with hidden gems exclusive to Whet.




12 botanicals, nature's wild apostles. Water, torn from the earth 80 years after it was hurled down on New Zealand's Southern Alps. A whisky still, 19th century, stumbled upon in a long abandoned shed. These are our ingredients. This is how Scapegrace signs its name around the globe.




Inspired by the spectacular Cape Palliser Lighthouse on the southernmost tip of the North Island of New Zealand, each bottle of Lighthouse Gin contains a unique blend of botanicals, including fresh zest from New Zealand Navel oranges and Yen Ben lemons. We handcraft our gin with water that travels from high in the Rimutaka Ranges, filtering down to a spring beside the breathtaking Wharekauhau Country Estate in Palliser Bay.


Created in honour of Reefton legend Little Biddy, a pipe-smoking, gin-toting, 4 foot tall goldminer. Our search for native botanicals takes us deep into the same West Coast rainforest where Biddy once fossicked for gold, to craft a uniquely New Zealand gin with a pioneer’s attitude.



We don’t believe in taking short cuts. We believe in quality over quantity. This is why you won’t find us buying NGS or whey alcohol like the other guys. Instead you will find us putting the late nights and the hard yards. We are proud to say every bottle of our gin has been fermented, distilled and bottled by us!



Riot and Rose gins are based in Marlborough, & distilled over the hill in sunny Nelson, New Zealand. The finest quality ingredients, a German copper still, the ideal water & a commitment to producing the highest quality craft gin is key to our success. A passion for gin doesn’t go astray either!  Our ingredients are local and organic, where feasible, and the gin reflects the attention to detail it receives.



Renowned for its healing properties in medicinal honey, the Manuka flower is partnered in our Ariki gin with internationally sourced botanicals.  Seville Orange peel, Croatian Juniper, Bitter Almonds, Coriander, Angelica root, Orrisroot, Portuguese Lemon peel, Liquorice Root, Black Pepper, Cardamom and Cinnamon join our base notes of Rarotonga Vanilla and Tongan coconut.


Food will be available for purchase from some of Christchurch’s favourite food vendors.

The Vagabond ChefsBacon Brothers ChristchurchThe ChippyGelatiamo (Sunday only)Cafe2u Coffee



We are a bunch of Great New Zealanders and Top Notch Travellers from around the world who are choosing to create happiness by making our customers' days with amazing customer experiences and cheeky banter. The delicious food is just something we do on the side.

Everything about Bacon Bros is different from the norm.

We use fresh avocados, freshly baked bread, free range and ethical ingredients.  We choose to create happiness, as its something anybody can make for free, and it can change somebody's day.

Our food inspiration comes directly from our British heritage with a twist of South African flavour.  We’ve taken this, kept the best bits and mixed them into a kiwi classic. Simple food, simply prepared.

That's what we are all about...Good food.  Family fun.  Simple.


The Vagabond Chefs is a li’l ol’ truck with a big ol’ hunger for travelling and a pretty good idea of flavour. For the past few years she’s tracked down and gathered up the best the world has to offer. Orient-encrusted, crisped and spiced, or slow, smooth and distinctly Southern, a Vagabond dish is all about big-world flavours. From a humble little truck. That will take you on a trip and a half.



Local entertainers will add to the vibe.



Gin, Glorious Gin!



Gin is the New IPA



Run a Distillation with Dancing Sands



Scapegrace Classic.  Gold.



How a Town Raised a Distillery



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