Exhibitor Cocktails for Gindulgence at Home!

Reefton Distilling Co.

Biddy Blue

30ml Reefton Distilling Co. Blueberry Liqueur
30ml Little Biddy Gin - Classic
30ml sugar syrup (2/3 x 1/3 castor sugar/water)
15ml fresh lime juice (generous squeeze)

Pour above ingredients over ice; stir
Top with Soda or Tonic to desired taste
Garnish: Lime slice, fresh blueberries (or mixed fresh berries)

Note: Sugar syrup (250ml)

Bring 2c sugar and 1c water to boil quickly
Remove from heat; cool

biddy blue

Dancing Sands Distillery

Red Snapper

60ml Wasabi Gin
120ml tomato juice
10ml lemon juice
Worcestershire sauce
Hot sauce
Salt and pepper


redsnapper dancing sands

Juno Gin

Juno Gin Berry

30ml Juno Extra Fine Gin
10ml Chambord
10ml Lime Juice
30ml Cranberry Juice
60ml soda

Place ice in glass.
Pour cocktail ingredients except soda.
Add soda and garnish with a twist of lime.

juno berry

Juno Gin

Summer's Kiss

30ml Juno Extra Fine Gin
15ml Limoncello
15ml Lemon Juice
10ml Honey solution (half and half honey and hot water)
80ml tonic

Place ice in glass.
Pour cocktail ingredients except tonic.
Add tonic and garnish with dried rose petals.

juno summer's kiss


1919 Summer Pink Gin & Tonic

30ml Gin
150ml East Imperial Royal Botanic.
Garnish with Strawberries or Frozen Raspberry and a Sprig of Mint


1919 Pink G&T

Bureaucrats Gin

Apple Pie Bureaucracy

45mls Bureaucrats gin over ice
5mls spice chai syrup
60mls cloudy fresh apple juice
60mls soda water
Cinnamon stick to garnish

Apple pie bureaucracy

Warner's Gin

Warner's Raspberry G & T

30mls Warner’s Raspberry Gin
Plenty of ice
Top with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.
Garnish with a few blackberries and a sprig of fresh mint.
Nice and easy to make at home!

warner's rasp

Curiosity Gin

Curious 75

This is a wonderfully refreshing version of the French 75 cocktail.

30ml Curiosity Recipe #23
15ml Simple Syrup
15ml Lemon Juice
Dash Orange Bitters
Sparkling Rosé
Orange Peel to garnish

Shake gin, syrup, lemon juice & bitters together with ice in a cocktail shaker.
Strain into a chilled Champagne flute or coupe glass.
Top up with Rosé Champagne or Sparkling Rosé.
Garnish with an orange twist.


Seppeltsfield Rd

Savoury Allsorts Gin

Available in NZ, the aptly named Savoury Allsorts Gin is distinctly savoury with upfront star anise characters fused with thyme, marjoram, borage, and gentian, giving wonderfully fresh herbaceous flavours.

Serve with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, a twist of lemon peel and a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Seppeltsfield Rd cocktail DSC08175

Gindulgence aims to promote responsible drinking to create a festival environment that everyone can enjoy. Plenty of food, tonics and other non-alcoholic beverages will be available. Please don’t drink and drive, there are public transport options near our events and taxis or Uber are just a phone call or tap away.

The Gindulgence team will happily assist with phone numbers for safe transport options and information whenever needed.